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Dec 9, 2019

Today is the first of a two-part special guest episode of the "For Flourishing's Sake" podcast.

Lee Jackson is a motivational speaker and author of ‘How to enjoy and succeed in school and college’. A former youth worker (and Hip Hop DJ!), he now works in businesses, schools and colleges helping people to Get Good® and make the best out of their time there. He is a Past President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK & Ireland. He lives with his family in Yorkshire and loves good comedy, old school Hip Hop and basketball. His website is his twitter account is @leejackson

In this first part, Lee asks us to reflect on a question I also ask at the very beginning of my book by the same name as this podcast, which is coming out in June 2020.


Everyday Hero - 60 second version (Corporate, motivational, you tube, podcast) Music by Pond5