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For Flourishing's Sake is a weekly 5-minute wellbeing boost for teachers and school leaders.

It is a bite-size podcast that packs a mighty punch, giving you a weekly dose of inspiration, support and practical tools and ideas to enable you and your students to flourish, by supporting teacher and student wellbeing.

For Flourishing's Sake - Helping you and your students flourish, in- and outside of school!

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A little bit about me

I am a speaker, trainer and author.  As a former teacher, I have a keen interest in positive and character education and I support schools with practical tools to enhance the wellbeing of children and staff inside and outside the classroom. 

I have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and am embarking on a Doctorate in Eduction in the Autumn of 2019, where my research focus will be on testing my model for whole-school positive education.  I am also European Representative for IPPAed (the International Positive Psychology Association's Education Division). 

I am the author of 'Recipe for Happiness' (2013) and co-author of 'Character Toolkit for Teachers' (2018).  My latest book, 'For Flourishing's Sake' (working title) is due to be published in 2020. 

Booking me

I deliver keynote speeches, workshops and training days for individual schools or groups of schools, covering all essential aspects of wellbeing, from whole-school positive and character education at a strategic level to the practical application in classrooms and across the school.

In addition to my work with teachers and school leaders, I work with students from primary school to sixth form and with parents. I can also work with schools on a consultancy basis, supporting their on-going efforts to embed wellbeing practices. 

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Recent conferences

Panel Speaker & Symposium Speaker, IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology, Melbourne, AUS, 2019

Workshop co-host/trainer, School Library Association ‘Building Identity’ Wellbeing Conference, Birmingham, UK, 2019

Panel Speaker, Cambridge Festival of Education, Cambridge, UK, 2019

Keynote Speaker, Positive Psychology Summit, Bedford, UK, 2019

Keynote Speaker, LIFE Education Trust Leadership Conference, Brentwood, UK, 2019

Workshop co-host/trainer, Practical Pedagogies, Cologne, Germany, 2018

Panel & ‘IPEN Talks’ Speaker, IPEN World Positive Education Accelerator, Dallas, US, 2018