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Sep 7, 2020

Welcome to Episode 54.  This is the last of the extended podcast episodes where you have had the opportunity to listen to the replays of the For Flourishing’s Sake book launch events.

Today, I bring you the second half of the fourth and final panel discussion of the book launch extravaganza.  This panel was recorded live on 21st August, the day the paperback edition of For Flourishing’s Sake was published.  You can also watch all the video replays on the Book Launch Extravaganza page at

The final panel was chaired by Andrew Cowley, author of The Wellbeing Toolkit and of the beautiful Foreword to my book. The panellists, alongside me, were:

Paul Bateson, Teacher, Writer and PGCE Tutor at Huddersfield University (UK)

Julie Goldstein, Principal at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (USA)

Dan Morrow, CEO of the Woodland Academy Trust (UK)

In this final book launch panel discussion, just as schools in the UK and the US were about to re-open for a new academic year in the midst of a pandemic, we pondered how important positive education is - more than ever.

In this second half of the discussion, we discussed where the priorities should lie, between dealing with mental health and wellbeing in the context of Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, or ensuring children “catch up” academically if they have fallen behind.  We also had a fascinating conversation about whether kindness can be taught, and if so, how, and ended the discussion by sharing each of our dreams for the future of education.

You can watch back all the panel video recordings here.  

Before I play back the panel discussion recording, I also need to let you know a bit of news.  Season one of this podcast has been a long season: 54 episodes without break and almost half of those episodes recorded and scheduled in the middle of a pandemic.  Therefore, the For Flourishing’s Sake podcast will now take a little break and it may come back in a different format, or with reduced frequency.  I do intend for it to come back, in whatever form, so do watch this space and as long as you’ve subscribed on your usual podcasting app, you’ll never miss an episode when it does come back!

Now, here is today’s episode…


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