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May 25, 2020

Maintaining and developing connection through remote teaching and social distancing

Welcome to Episode 39. Many teachers and school leaders are wondering increasingly how to maintain a sense of connection and build, develop and maintain positive relationships with pupils and with colleagues; first of all through remote teaching / remote working, but then also as more and more children are starting to return into classrooms in a very different environment to what we’re all used to around the world, how to maintain, grow, develop those relationships and that sense of connection, when you are having to socially distance groups of children, groups of staff, etc, and teach in a way that is very alien to us in the modern world.

So, on Wednesday, in my Educate to Flourish #WellbeingWednesdayLive session on YouTube, I did a half hour webinar on this very topic, and in that topic, I shared the importance of positive relationships and connection to our physical and mental wellbeing and even to how long we live, so this stuff really does matter.  But I also shared five suggestions of ways that you could work on strengthening those relationships and those bonds, even under the most awkward circumstances that we’re in at the moment.  And in today’s podcast, I’m just going to play you a little snippet of that, where I’m sharing two of those particular bits of advice that I shared with you, but if you do want to hear the entire half hour webinar, click here.

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