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Feb 10, 2020

Welcome to Episode 24 of the For Flourishing's Sake podcast.  Today, I bring you a very special guest again.  I met this wonderful educator when we were both attending the IPEN World Positive Education Accelerator conference in Fort Worth, TX, in 2018, and she has since contributed not only to this podcast, but to my upcoming book by the same title (out in June 2020).

Rebecca Comizio, MA, MA-Ed, NCSP, LPC, is a school psychologist at New Canaan Country School, in New Canaan, CT. She was named by the Connecticut Association of School Psychologists as the School Psychologist of the Year in Connecticut in 2019. Rebecca has a background in education, philosophy and psychology that are the foundations of her work with students, parents and educators to support children so they can flourish. With training in Positive Psychology and CBT for children and adolescents, Rebecca works to utilize the science of psychological well-being to help students enhance the experiences of school work, relationships and play. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and also works as an advocate for students and her field as the Chairperson of National Association of School Psychologists' Communications Committee. 

Today Rebecca shares how to address the "Problematic Ps" of challenges that feel Permanent, Personal and Pervasive.

You can find Rebecca at the following links:



New Canaan Country School

School PsycEd Podcast for School Psychologists and School Counsellors

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