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Aug 19, 2019

Hello, I’m Frederika Roberts and it is my pleasure today to welcome you to the trailer for the FOR FLOURISHING’S SAKE podcast!

For Flourishing’s Sake is a podcast for teachers and school leaders.  It is a five-minute Monday-morning boost of inspiration, support and practical tools to help you and your students flourish.

The actual podcast will launch in two weeks’ time, on Monday 2nd September at 7am UK time.  Although I’m based in the UK, the content will be relevant to teachers around the world!  When I was writing my upcoming book with the working title “For Flourishing’s Sake” - out in Spring 2020 -  I interviewed school leaders, teachers, wellbeing leaders and practitioners from around the world and found that many of the issues you face, and the outstanding practices you implement, are similar, though of course you adapt what you do to your local culture.

This podcast is therefore not meant to be prescriptive.  Who am I to tell you what to do?!  It is, however, intended as a quick boost on a Monday morning, to set you up for the week with some ideas, some inspiration, some thoughts on ways to improve your own and your students’ wellbeing, to help you and them flourish inside and outside of school.

Over the course of the year, I will not be the only one sharing ideas with you, though.  I have a fantastic line-up of educators and experts who will be giving you their Monday morning flourishing tips!  For example, when I was in Australia to present at the International Positive Psychology Association’s World Congress a few weeks ago, I asked a few people to record their Monday morning boosters for you: So in the coming weeks and months, you will hear from Sha-en, a Happiness Scientist from Singapore; Christian, Executive Director of Growth Coaching International and Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology; and Louise Tidmand from Denmark, Chief Innovation Officer at the Strength Academy and PhD Candidate. 

You will also hear from many of the wonderful educators I interviewed for my book, for example Rhiannon McGee, Head of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School in Australia, Fabian de Fabiani, Assistant Head Teacher at Townley Grammar School and Director of Character Education and Wellbeing at the Odyssey Trust for Education, and many more!

I will offer you my own insights, based on my experience as a former teacher, my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, my current work in schools as a speaker and trainer, including as co-founder of ‘RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success’, and my research as an author in positive and character education.

So… save the date and tune in on Monday 2nd September at 7am UK time and every Monday at the same time after that for five minutes of inspiration, support and practical ideas you can implement straight away!

And if you like what you hear, please share this podcast with your friends and colleagues so we can spread its reach far and wide and all flourish together. 

Until then… For Flourishing’s Sake, have a great week!


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